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Saturday, 30 June 2012

::macam nie bile lelaki dah jatuh cinta::????

We all know love
Love at first sight meet the young
And girls may be a coincidence or no link between them

nie baru  introduction yang kawan aku dapat. . . ade org bagi kat kawan aku ayt2 jiwang nie . . ..
tapi baru lak aku taw macam nie ek bila lelaki tu mencintai seorang wanita yang tidak boleh ia miliki. . .
xapew2 yer "nur suraiya".....:)

Around and sing at the meeting, both of them
To the other and starts to leak a beautiful feeling
Their hearts ... and Hwa Feeling love
As we know, love and Vibtsama confluence of view ..And perhaps culminating in this love marriage and the formation of
Happy family
But ...! I will speak about the love of
Type and Hua-term love and I mean that when you love someone but did not see Its direction is in love with sincerity and emotion .. And dreaming
And wishes to see the severity of the love that breaks your heart without warning
Love the remote
The person who did not see your eyes, but He sees your heart and draw him a pretty picture
Is perceived by all human beings imagined like
Owners and not of human beings
Love the remote You love someone and start a nice feeling thinking Hyman
And wait for an appointment call rejoices with the parties
And all this love from a distance without seeing
Each other, but they feel the thrill of love It is the true love of view is
But he does not smile and love the remote.....